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"You guys are awesome. You and your staff always do a GREAT job. It is always a pleasure to come here. Thanks for everything and keep up the good work."



    • I first met Dr. Sharon back in 2010 to have my first set of extractions and fillings done. I was a nervous wreck, but from the moment I stepped into her doors, I knew everything would be ok. From the friendly "down to earth" assistants and receptionist, right up to the beautiful & "Hi-Tech" facility, no patient could ever ask for more. When I went in for my procedures, Dr. Sharon made me feel so welcomed and at home, I almost forgot what I came in for. I left that day with all kinds of work done, and without exaggeration I can truly say that I did not feel 1 Thing! I had no pain, no swelling, no oral cuts, heck at the rate I was going I felt good enough to go out and eat a T-Bone Steak for dinner. I am proud and blessed to have such a FANTASTIC Dentist and a wonderful, hardworking and supportive staff. I know that the Dental Place will be my Dental Clinic of choice for Life!

      N.P, FL
    • Thanks to you and your hard working team. I now have the best smile in the world. Larger than life.

      O.P., FL
    • No pain after two (2) extractions at the same time. Never took pain meds.

      A.P., FL
    • The Dental Place is very effective and efficient with making a patient feeling at home ery gentle and comforting.

      NY, FL
    • Best dentist and staff. They are super. Job well done. Stay blessed

      B Lonard, FL
    • Doc you seem to have this incredible ability to turn fear into this welcoming feeling and because of that my trip to the dentist is never the same, thank you.

      Sean C., FL
    • I have been afraid of the dentist for as long as I could remember and at age 42 my fear has gotten worse. I am not proud of the result of my fear, as the reality is that I have not paid my mouth the attention it needs. However, my recent visit to your office has been a turning point in my life. I shared my fears and your staff responded by making me feel as comfortable as possible. Most importantly, the procedure was performed with the utmost care. This was my first positive experience with a dentist. Thank you.

    • Dr Robinson and staff are truly great individuals, no matter how scared you are their warmth and kind words minimize that. I would recommend her to anyone, over and over again.

      Joanna B., FL
    • You have been incredible to work with, from observing Dr. Robinson extract a tooth to just chatting with Milton and Sonjayah.
      I'm writing this letter to thank you and tell you that I appreciated every moment that I spent here with you as part of my clinical.


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